Our approach: an integrative programme

We weave the Western clinical approach, somatic and transpersonal psychology, together with ancient wisdom traditions from different cultures and times such as Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic shamanism, and some of the lineages from the Americas who work with mushroom and plant medicines. This integrative approach enables us to engage the many layers of our human experience, deepening the relationship with ourselves, with others, with the natural world and with the essential mystery of life. You can read more about the philosophy, importance and various aspects of addressing the whole of who we are as human beings in our A Way Of Life section.

Preparation and integration are fundamental to our approach, and woven into the design of all our retreats.


Giving due energy to preparation before the psychedelic journey not only reduces the possibility of anxiety and tension blocking the flow of the experience, it also enhances the probability of an enriched, deeper experience. It is much like preparing the soil before sowing new seeds - the better the soil has been turned and cared for, the more likely it is to support healthy, abundant growth.

On the retreats, we offer one-on-one sessions with the facilitators, and individual and group preparation activities to help each participant feel well prepared and supported, as well as safe and bonded with the group before stepping into the unknown.
“I can’t imagine a more beautiful and supported entry into the world of psychedelics than this magical retreat. The days before the ceremony really helped me unwind and open fully into the experience. By the second day I already felt like I’d been on the most amazing retreat and the ceremony hadn’t even happened yet.”
Lauren, 35


We dedicate at least an entire day to integration. Whilst the psychedelic experience can open us up to new insights, ways of being, feeling and relating, the time afterwards is just as crucial in anchoring these changes into our everyday lives. In many ways, the journey only really begins when the psychedelic effect subsides.

In the days after the ceremony, we incorporate solo and group integration activities, and individual one-on-one sessions with the facilitators to give participants the opportunity to explore the deeper nuances of their journey, and relevance to their lives back home.
"The attention to integration was amazing, extremely impactful, and probably the main reason I'd recommend these retreats.”
Li, 32
In a society that hasn’t yet incorporated the use of psychedelics and other peak experiences into its fabric, the community of fellow retreat participants also plays a central role in the integration process, as allies and companions on this extraordinary journey. As one of our participants said, “I learned so much simply from being in the company of fellow participants, facilitators and volunteers. It was so wonderful to feel part of such a supportive community. To be a valued member of it and to value each and every other person for their unique characteristics.” (Duncan, 35 years old).
Below are some of the practices you may encounter on a retreat as part of our preparation and integration programme:
● One-on-one support and counselling
● Sharing circles and authentic-relating exercises
● Meditation and contemplative practices
● Movement practices, cultivating bodily awareness
● Creative expression (singing, dancing, writing)
● Sound journeys
● Nature-connection
● Healthy, mindful and exquisite eating
● Rituals and Ceremonies

“Every single thing was perfectly thought out and flowed beautifully. The facilitators were the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, compassionate people. The vegan food was delightful, nourishing, beautiful, every bite tasted like the most special food ever. I could not have dreamed that this retreat would be wonderful from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. It will stay with me for a very long time. I will do all I can do to keep it alive in my body and soul forever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
Jennifer, 52
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