The standard, higher- and lower-priced tiers are based on self-selection and trust. We have opted for this model because it is important to us to make this experience accessible to as many people as possible. Please consider your own financial situation in the spirit of one of our core values, honesty, and pay at the level that is appropriate for you in helping support our mission

Here is some guidance to help you choose your price:

  • Standard-priced tickets: This is the true cost of the retreat.
  • Higher-priced tickets: This covers your ticket and half of a lower-priced ticket, which helps us make the retreats accessible to those who cannot afford the full cost of a place. If you would like to contribute beyond that, you also have the option to donate at check-out.
  • Lower-priced tickets: This option is available to all those who do not have the financial means to pay the full cost of the retreat. Please be mindful when choosing this option as there are limited spaces available.

Prices are all in Euros, listed in order of standard, higher and lower tiers.

Cost for a 4 Day Retreat
€1,650 / €2,200 / €1,100
Cost for a 5 Day Retreat
€2,000 / €2,700 / €1.350
Cost for a 6 Day Retreat
€2,400 / €3,200 / €1,600
Cost for a 7 Day Retreat
€2,750 / €3,700 / €1,850

Additional Costs

  • €20 application fee
  • €50 for the psychedelic truffles, paid directly to the smart shop (not to us); this is double if you are attending a double-ceremony retreat. The reason for this extra cost is that in order to sell truffles you have to be a registered ‘smart shop’, so for licensing reasons we cannot give you the truffles directly and you have to purchase them yourself. 
  • Optional: €90 arranged travel to the venue from Amsterdam and back (or €45 for one way)
  • Optional: €110 to €280  per person for a private room depending on the length of the retreat (standard shared rooms accommodate 3-4 people). 
  • Optional: €60  for an hour long preparation or integration video call

Additional information:

Private rooms and bathroom facilities: The private rooms are located in an adjacent building. Unfortunately they do not have en-suite bathrooms, but a separate toilet and shower across the hallway, which is shared between 2-3 people.

Private rooms and lower-price tiers: Please note that if you can afford to pay for a private room supplement, then you don't fall into the lower-price tier, so we discourage anyone from buying a lower-price ticket and a private room supplement. If you can only afford a lower-price ticket but have special needs, please get in touch with us directly.

Preparation and Integration sessions: Whilst we support all participants on retreat with their preparation ahead of the ceremony and with their integration after the ceremony, some participants choose to have additional hour-long 1-2-1 sessions with a facilitator via video call to support their preparation ahead of the retreat, and integration after the retreat. These can really enhance the overall experience and are highly recommended.

Purchasing the truffles: We will meet in central Amsterdam to purchase the truffles together before getting in the shared coach to the venue.

Shared coach: The venue is in a rural location, so we advise everyone to book the shared coach for ease of getting there. It’s nice to travel with the group to the venue, and it is actually more cost-effective and less hassle than booking a train and taxi individually or driving a rental car. We suggest you book this at the same time as booking your retreat place.

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