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Two pillars of creating a new way of life are community and commitment.
The Alalaho membership programme provides just that, and is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have previous experience with psychedelics.
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To embark on the journey of reconnection - with ourselves, each other, the natural world and the great mystery of life - in a profoundly disconnected world, requires dedication. Challenges and resistance naturally arise when we try to free ourselves from years of conditioning and limiting beliefs. Growing, unfolding and expanding doesn’t happen overnight, it comes incrementally, and requires gentle perseverance, patience, trust, and joyful effort.
“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together”
African Proverb
And it requires the support of others who have embarked on the same journey, who face similar challenges, who can share insights from a different perspective, who can inspire us when our own motivation fades, or to whom we in turn can lend a hand at times we are feeling strong and in trust. What we can achieve in a group is far greater than what we can achieve alone. Healing is a collective endeavour.

Mirroring the cyclical way of nature, the membership programme occurs in cycles. You can sign up at any moment, but you will have to wait until the beginning of the next cycle to participate. Each cycle roughly follows the lunar month, starting shortly before the new moon. Each cycle is a complete unit in itself, and at the same time several cycles form one larger cycle; there is a thread linking and building on everything - just like 29.5 days form a lunar cycle, just as three months form a season, four seasons form a year, etc.

Each cycle includes:
  • A monthly facilitated community gathering
    Where we will explore different facets of relating with ourselves, each other, the natural world and the mystery of existence
  • A monthly interactive Q&A session with our facilitators
    Where you can ask any question you might have about your personal journey
  • A community forum
    Where you can share and exchange with likeminded people
  • A facilitated practice every week
    Where you can experience different traditions and approaches, and deepen in your practice by making a regular commitment. Practices may include meditation, breathwork, dance and body awareness, voicework, etc.
  • A monthly resource kit
    Where you will receive inspiration through playlists, recommended readings, poetry, and information about the cycles of nature to be aware of themes for the month ahead
Please note: The Q&A with facilitators, weekly practices and resource kits will be available for you to access at your own convenience in our members’ archive. Community gatherings will not be recorded.
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Price: Upon registration, you can choose a self-determined fee that feels right to you. You may base that amount on your financial means, your feeling of value and gratitude, your desire to support our mission, or the cost of comparable offerings. Zero is an option as well, because we offer this programme with an intention to be accessible for everyone, in the hope and trust that we will be supported to develop and sustain the programme by the generosity of the collective of members.

For many people, the right amount is one that embodies a commitment while fully respecting your financial situation. You may raise or lower the amount of your donation with each new cycle.
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