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Membership Commitment: 1 Cycle.

Next cycle: 12 January - 9 February

You can choose a self-determined fee that feels right to you. You may base that amount on your financial means, your feeling of value and gratitude, your desire to support our mission, or the cost of comparable offerings. Zero is an option as well, because we offer this programme with an intention to be accessible for everyone, in the hope and trust that we will be supported to develop and sustain the programme by the generosity of the collective of members. For many people, the right amount is one that embodies a commitment while fully respecting your financial situation. You may raise or lower the amount of your donation with each new cycle.

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Due to unfortunate technical difficulties, we currently cannot accept membership sign ups. Please be patient with us as we work towards opening the membership portal again. We hope to have you with us soon. Consider signing up to our newsletter, so we can let you know when signup is possible again.
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