New Moon Practice - With Biz

Inspired by the new moon, this practice is an opportunity for deep rest, hibernation and from this place to invoke a sense of rebirth. There's embodiment, visualisation, creativity, and a sense of meeting the darkness of this time, and an invitation to let go and turn to mush for a moment. From this place of getting quiet, discover what creativity wants to emerge from you. Try to stay curious throughout.

What to have ready:

-  Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes
-  Make the space nice (candles/smells)
-  Have a yoga mat/something you can move on/lie down on
-  A sleeping bag or some blankets
-  Blindfold
-  Art materials
-  Journal and pen
(Don't worry if you haven't got any of the above, you can improvise with what you have got.)

What to do:

1. Begin on the yoga matt, and listen to the recording.

2. Afterwards, set the timer for 5 minutes and draw freely whatever comes out. Try not to make it something specific, but allow the subconscious to speak through the hands. After 5 minutes is up, turn to your journal and write freely in the same way, for 5 minutes. Look/read back on what you've created and see if any meaning emerges.

3. Repeat the practice as much as you like, and notice if any themes start to emerge. Sometimes you might want to do 10 minutes of journalling or 10 minutes of drawing rather than 5 minutes of each. Play around and see what feels good. It's important to set the timer though, to give yourself a constraint within which to be creative.

At this time of year it's important to give ourselves permission to rest, renew and get ready for rebirth. Enjoy embodying this theme through the practice this week, and share how you get on on the community forum.

With love,


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