Full Moon Movement - with Biz

It was great to see many of you on the call last night and to get into our bodies together. For those that missed it, I share here the reasons for doing shaking and the intention behind the dance. Start with the shaking and then move into the dance. You can either listen to the recording as a stand-alone, or you can have it playing alongside a track to help with the shaking, I’ve suggested a track, but maybe there are others you find that you could share in the forum. You could also try shaking to your own voice instead of mine, and instead of using the elements imagine other things to guide you through. The crucial part is to keep shaking for a whole 15 minutes!

The Shaking…

Shaking has many benefits, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and signals the brain to calm, relax and let go. Shaking also activates the lymphatic system of our body, which helps our body get rid of the toxins. When shaking is activated in a safe environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. This therapeutic tremoring helps the body release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. By shaking your body for 15 minutes, you can calm your body after a long day. 

I’ve found that the benefits start at about the 14 minute mark. Even if you get bored part way through, I really encourage you to see it through until the end as that’s when you’ll feel the difference. It’s a really great tool to use to wash away a stressful day, to release anger and to do after you’ve experienced a shock to the system. Imagine it as a portable energetic shower that you can do wherever you are (you might get some odd looks but who cares!). Get this tool in the bag by practicing it daily for the next week and you’ll have a crucial ally at your side for life. 

For the song I’d recommend the Osho Kundalini meditation that I’ve added to this month’s Spotify playlist. 

The dancing…

The dance is all about allowing the body to lead, having already connected the mind with the body with the shaking. It’s also about celebration - celebrating the new moon, celebrating making silly moves in the dark when nobody can see you and freeing up the body by making movements and expressing itself in ways that it might not get the chance in the everyday experience. Think 'ministry of silly walks' meets 'strictly come dancing'. 

For the song, I’d recommend ‘Lunita’ by Danit Treubig which you can find on this month's playlist, but experiment with other tracks in the playlist and your favourite songs, alternating each day.

We all have different bodies, and it might be that the shaking brings up resistance for the mind or pain in the body or feelings of unease. Go gently on yourself, meet your body where it is at, and at the same time, softly encourage it to move into this new territory. If you struggle or have any questions, please reach out to biz@alalaho.com.

Most importantly, be curious, explore, enjoy 🙂

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