Feel Yourself And Free Yourself - with Stefana

The final practice of the November 2020 cycle is dedicated to freeing blocks and tensions in the body, followed by a few minutes of gibberish, with the intention of freeing ourselves from the constrictions of the mind. It also weaves in aspects of the previous three practices of this cycle - shaking, working with the element of water, and meditation.

Gibberish, you say? What on earth is that? It is a practice whereby we say nonsense sounds - we make sounds but we don't speak in a language that we know. Gibberish as a spiritual practice comes from a Sufi mystic called Jabbar, who is said never to have spoken in any language, only speaking in "nonsense" words and sounds.

The mind thinks in terms of words. Just like psychedelics can shake up our usual thought patterns, gibberish can be a psychedelic practice in its own right because it breaks up our usual patterns of constant thought verbalisation. The invitation with gibberish is to express everything that is inside of us, much of which we have learned to hold back as a result of our conditioning. Aim to be as total and passionate as you can be, not letting there be any gaps. Simply allow whatever comes to flow, however strange and unreasonable it might seem to you. You can use the image of water here also, feeling yourself a stream or a waterfall that gushes continuously, and lets all the thoughts and feelings inside you flow - in gibberish. If you don't know what to say or do, you can just do "la la la" until something new comes through.

This moment is your full permission to go wild and also to connect to your inner child and inherent playfulness. Everything is allowed: singing, crying, shouting, mumbling. Talk about your biggest problems, your worries, your anger, your frustration with the world, but do it in gibberish. And let your body do whatever it wants: gesticulate, jumping, lying down, sitting, etc. It can feel awkward at first, and very much out of the comfort zone, so just go as much as you can and perhaps every day you can get a little more into it. You might find listening to the gibberish on the recording helpful in easing the awkwardness and encouraging you to go for it, or it might feel distracting in which case feel free to turn down the volume. Have a play around yourself and see what works! And have fun with it! Alalaho!

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