Elemental Wisdom: Water - with Ciara

Here you will find some snippets from the Elemental Wisdom practice that you can use to support your journey throughout the month.

Benefits of nature connection:
Spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress, lower anxiety, restore mental fatigue and improve vitality and mood. It also offers so much rich symbolism and wisdom that our ancestors would have depended on for many things. Now is a time that is more important than ever to come back home to ourselves, and to come back home to nature.

Purpose of the practice:
The elements are around us and in us at all times. By using simple techniques and enquiries, you can welcome them into your daily life. This offering will allow you to gain your own empowered ways of connecting to a nature practice that works for you. You can encourage each other on your journeys by sharing in the membership forum how you’re doing too.

Introduce elements
We will be working with the Four Elements of Water, Fire, Air, Earth throughout the membership.

Enquiry questions

  • What Element do you intuitively feel connected/drawn to?
  • Do you feel resistant to/disconnected from a certain Element?

This cycle we are connecting with this cycle is the element of Water.

Enquiry questions

  • What does Water mean to you? How do you associate with water, what do you think of when you think of water?

For example, how do you interact with rain? How do you associate with the water that comes from your tap, or the body of water closest to you? How are they different to each other? When was the last time you visited a wild body of water, and when was the last time you swam?

Qualities & Symbolism of Water:

  • Resource for sustaining all life on earth
  • We are made up of it, we contain it, so it contains us
  • Water is intuition, movement and creativity, it flows effortlessly
  • It is the symbol of intuition & flow
  • Water offers unconditional holding
  • It has the power to purifying and soothe, cleanse and clear

Water is the element of emotions :
Grief, release, letting go, tears
Restoration and reflection

Enquiry questions

  • What emotions are you feeling since the beginning of this cycle?
  • How have those emotions flowed through you?

Suggestions for practice for the month:
Connect with Water in your Body

  • Do a flow exercise, such as free flow painting, free flow singing, free flow writing, juggle.
  • Or something that makes you travel like a river - dance, walk.
  • Have a bath and focus on the holding sensation of the water and its power to relax and restore. Or, as you shower, allow the water to cleanse and wash away the day and what you don’t need to hold anymore.

Connect with Water in Nature

  • Visit a place where there is a natural source of water. It might be dipping your toes in the sea, or going for a full swim (the sea is actually still at its warmest at this time) putting your hands in a stream - whatever way feels good - and challenge yourself to jump into the deep end!
  • It will most certainly rain at some point this cycle - embrace it! Walk, run, dance in it. Feel it on your skin rather than resisting it and see if you can just experience it rather than judging it. Bring your awareness to how it releases pressure from the air and nourishes the soil.

Journal :
Track your experience daily or weekly of your interactions with Water. Note down when you are emotionally connecting to water, when you feel grief, when you shed tears, when you are reflecting or restoring yourself. When you are letting go, or when you’re following your intuition or in flow.

Enquiry Questions

  • What ways did I become aware of the presence of water today?
  • In what way am I grateful for water today? (1 or 2, different every day as much as possible)
  • What emotions flowed through me today?
  • In what way did I embody the element of water today?

May this cycle be full of support, release, flow and feeling.

With love,
Ciara & the Alalaho Team

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