Some of the following pieces make reference to The Psychedelic Society’s Experience Retreats. This is the programme that Alalaho was born out of; Alalaho was co-founded by the former Experience Retreats co-directors. Both the Alalaho team and programme are a continuation of the Experience Retreats, therefore any mention of the Experience Retreats essentially references Alalaho.
31 October 2020
Sacred Rebellion Podcast - Trippin’ to Wholeness

In our second episode, we interview Stefana Bosse the co-founder and co-director of Alalaho. Stefana is the best kind of rebel. She is a wonderful example of the advice given by our beloved RBG, "Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

22 January 2019
The Role of Psychedelics in Healing with Stefana Bosse

The Holistic Healing Project explores the topic of psychedelics with the wonderful Stefana Bosse.

30 September 2018
Why Psychedelic Societies Are So Important with Stefana Bosse

Stefana Bosse, Head of Experience for the London Psychedelic Society, explains what psychedelic ceremony means to her, and why psychedelic societies are so important for the healing of people and culture.

12 May 2018
Das Psychedelische Jahrhundert: Legale psychedelische Retreats in Holland mit Stefana Bosse

FOR GERMAN SPEAKERS: Stefana Bosse ist "Director of Experience" bei der britischen Psychedelic Society. Sie stammt aus Deutschland, verbrachte aber die letzten 17 Jahre ihres Lebens in England. Jetzt lebt sie in Berlin, und entdeckt ihre deutschen Wurzeln wieder. 

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