The psychedelic substance, ceremony and dosages 2

I’ve heard of magic mushrooms, but what are truffles and why are you using them? 2

How do you ingest the truffles? 3

What is the dosage of truffles in ceremony? 3

Are the dosages the same during both ceremonies of a 6-day retreat? 3

Mental health and physical safety 4

I have a diagnosis of depression / anxiety which is really affecting me - can you help me? 4

Can I come on retreat if I am taking antidepressants, have a family history of psychosis or bipolar disorders? 5

What happens if you have an adverse physical reaction on retreat? 5

Logistics: travel, meeting up, venue, catering and accommodation 6

Can I get in touch with the other participants before the retreat? 6

Where do we meet and how do I get to the retreat venue? 6

What times do we meet on the first day and return to Amsterdam on the final day? 6

Can I have a private room on the retreat? 7

What are the bedrooms, bathrooms and toilet facilities like? 7

What catering is offered during the retreat? 7

Submitting an application 7

Is my application fee refundable if I am not accepted onto a retreat? 7

Why do you ask for an emergency contact? And who should that person be? 8

Can I come on retreat with my partner/spouse? 8

Where do your participants come from, and are there any language requirements? 8

Does a diagnosis of mild/moderate depression mean I cannot attend? 8

Why can’t I attend a retreat if I’m taking an antidepressant? 9

I have not been accepted onto the retreat. How else can I be supported? 9

Duration and group/private work 10

Do you offer 1-day sessions? 10

Can I come to the retreat late or leave a day early? 10

What is the difference between 4/5/6-day retreats? 10

Do you offer private retreats? 11

Types of retreats 11

What happens on 4, 5 & 6-day retreats? 11

What happens on a Women’s Retreat? 11

What happens on a Men's Retreat? 12

What happens on a Returner’s Retreat? 12

How do I prepare for a retreat? 12

How do I integrate my psychedelic experience post retreat? 13

What structures do you have in place to help me integrate my experience? 13

Do you offer one-to-one integration? 14

Visiting the Netherlands 14

Where can I stay near the retreat venue to extend my stay? 14

Retreats during the Covid-19 pandemic 14

Why are your retreats cancelled? 14

What happens with my ticket if a retreat is cancelled because of Covid-19? 15

Are there currently any Covid-19 travel restrictions in the Netherlands? 16

What Covid-19 precautions can I take before and after the retreat? 16

When will retreats resume? 17

Transfers and Cancellations 17

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket if I decide to cancel/change my place on the retreat? 17

Can I get a refund or transfer if Alalaho cancels my retreat because of Covid-19? 17

Membership Programme 18

What does the Membership Programme offer?

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