The Team

Unfortunately, as a result of the lack of cultural and legal acceptance in many countries outside of Holland, some of our team members, especially those in protected professions such as psychotherapy, cannot be listed on our website with their full name, credentials and photo. We have tried to give you as accurate a representation as possible of our team while still protecting their identity.

Co-founders, co-directors & lead facilitators

Beatrix Bliss

Known as Biz
Guided by a desire to affect positive social change, I’ve worked in activist, corporate and social enterprise settings initiating a string of projects along the way. Through the process I found that supporting people... Read More

Stefana Bosse


My path has been guided by a sincere longing to be of service to life, and a continuous inquiry as to how to go about that. I spent my teenage years and early adult life working on... Read More

Ciara Sherlock


I have always had a passion for bringing people together to experience the magic that comes from authentic connection and from exploring uncharted areas of their inner worlds. My own curiosity... Read More

Jennifer Tessler

Known as Lodé

I am passionate about the synergy between psychotherapy, meditative practices, and non-ordinary states of consciousness, and am nearing the completion of a 5-year diploma training in... Read More

Co-lead facilitator

Hana Wolf

It was the courageous journey of following my heart into the great unknown, that led me to this work.

A chronic burnout in my mid... Read More


Jamie Richards

My personal journey of growth and healing ignited my passion for working with enhanced states of consciousness as a means of traversing our inner worlds, processing trauma and... Read More

Jay Simon

I am a systemic group therapist and in my final year of an integrative psychotherapy training. I’ve been working as a psychedelic facilitator for over two years now and have found psychedelic work to be... Read More

Jane Williams

Life has offered me many opportunities to explore the human experience, body and mind. Firstly, by studying the voice, performance and storytelling, then as a vinyasa yoga teacher and... Read More

Sam Thomas

I am a Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator trained in humanistic and transpersonal psychology. In my work as a therapist I aim to create a supportive, dynamic space where people can explore, process... Read More

Marie Leela de Vrije

I'm a licensed psychodynamic / somatic psychotherapist and trauma therapist and I work in a private practise with individuals, groups and couples. In the last few years, I have been exploring sexuality... Read More


Larissa Quaak

My life path has never been very straight, well thought-out or paved. As a young girl, when someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always just replied ‘happy’. That ambition had me... Read More

Linda Schaap

My love for food alchemy started at a very young age. Fascinated by the process that ingredients would go through to create a dish - or even better, a cake - was pure magic for me as a little girl... Read More

Renata Zabsky

Growing up as a child of a multicultural family (Chek, Slovak and Croatian) and the landscapes of the country that disappeared into non-existence (SFR Yugoslavia), early on I got a toolkit for ‘how to survive... Read More

Operational Support Team

Leonie Schneider

I am currently a full-time mother to two autonomously-educated / unschooled young boys and I learn alongside these pint-sized Zen masters daily about the love and connection that truly matters... Read More

Medical and psychological screening & support

Hannah Campbell

I am a clinical psychologist, with experience working mainly with developmental disorders, addiction and neurological problems. I very much admire the work of Jung and my work and... Read More

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