Operations Manager

Position: Operations Manager
Pay: Commensurate with experience
Start date: As soon as possible

Contract type: Permanent; remote
Hours: Full time (40 hours per week)

We are now recruiting a Marketing Coordinator to join the Alalaho team. Read more about the role and learn how to apply by clicking the button below.

Applications open until January 24th.
We particularly encourage applications from disabled, BME and LGBTQI+ groups as these are currently less represented in our organisation.
Marketing Coordinator - Apply
Operations Manager

About Us

Like many people and organisations, Alalaho has undergone a Covid-induced transformation and is now re-emerging as a new entity. We are a small team of less than 10 with the ambition and dedication to become a global leader in psycho-spiritual healing. 

The team behind Alalaho has been at the forefront of the psychedelic retreats business in Europe, starting the pioneering Psychedelic Society’s Experience Retreats Programme in May 2016. While psychedelics are the centrepiece of our work, Alalaho’s focus is to support, enhance and sustain their beneficial effects through other body-mind-heart practices, drawing on various wisdom traditions and bodies of knowledge from around the world to connect us more deeply to ourselves, each other, nature and the mystery of existence. Ultimately, Alalaho’s mission is to catalyse the transition towards greater self-awareness, supporting individuals to take full responsibility for their lives, thereby enabling them to live lives of more meaning and beauty.

Working with Alalaho is uniquely rewarding and challenging at the same time. We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance with new possibilities for global healing on the horizon. Working in this field means we get to be pioneers and part of creating change. However, this also means having to navigate a complex legal and cultural landscape that is not yet reflective of this world we seek to live in, requiring stamina and resourcefulness to tackle the challenges.

About the role

As Operations Manager at Alalaho you have the opportunity to be the behind-the-scenes witch or wizard making all the magic and healing possible. In collaboration with the directors, you will be responsible for making sure that the organisation is in the best possible shape to deliver its important work, overseeing key areas such as Legal, HR, Finance and IT. Being part of a small team in a growing organisation, you will be able to actively shape and direct our course. 


Manage recruiting and hiring reflective of Alalaho’s core values
Develop company inclusivity and diversity hiring practices
Negotiating, executing and updating contracts, records and reports
Serve as primary point of contact for team questions about contracts and employment
Develop, manage and review budgets and financial forecasts in collaboration with the directors and accountant, ensuring financial sustainability and alignment with organisational objectives
Management of IT systems and suppliers to develop and maintain excellent backend systems
Establish and maintain business standards for accuracy, productivity and reliability
Produce regular assessments on business function and whether the organisation’s implemented processes and policies are working or need changes



Passionate about our mission and values
5+ years of experience in a relevant role
Highly organized with excellent project management skills 
Excellent attention to detail and nuance 
Excellent communication, collaboration and leadership skills
Excellent written and spoken English 
Experience working independently in a cross-functional team environment
Inspires confidence and achievement of high standards
Excellent analytical ability to develop and analyse options, recommend solutions to and solve complex problems and issues
Excellent ability to understand, plan and implement business strategy 
Experience executing contracts in compliance with local laws
Experience crafting and facilitating innovative company policies and procedures
Proven success recruiting, hiring and retaining well rounded and diverse teams with top talent
Experience managing teams
Up to date with the latest modern technology and software to implement and use human resource management systems
Experience developing budgets and handling finances
Experience with accounting practices
Relevant experience with IT to skillfully manage IT contractors and systems
Open to feedback and ideas with a willingness to evolve and grow in your professional skills 


Lives in Germany (preferably Berlin) or the Netherlands
Experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness
Maintains an active personal practice and is committed to personal growth
Familiarity with the psychedelic renaissance and topical issues and debates
Experience with Dutch and/or German recruiting and labour laws / best practices; insurance practices; European employee benefit packages
Experience in the retreat / hospitality industry
Passion and understanding of Open Book Management and Steward Ownership
Experience working in a start-up environment
Experience with WordPress

How To Apply

To apply, please send an email entitled “Operations Manager Role” to careers@alalaho.org with the following material:

Your CV
A cover letter indicating
Why you want to work for Alalaho
Why you are the best candidate for the role
Which of the required and desired qualifications you meet and how
Three values that are important to you and how you live by them
We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. The position will be filled once the right candidate is found. 
We aspire to have our staff reflect the diverse global society we live in and so strongly encourage applications from varied cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, races, nationalities, genders, ages, and sexual orientations. We look forward to working with you to help us become a more inclusive and diverse place to work, and to bring forth a more diverse psychedelic industry.
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