Being Good Ancestors &
Our Place On Earth

The psychedelic space by its very nature calls our attention to our place in the natural world, the web of reciprocal interconnection and dependence between ourselves and everything else. Aware of the beauty and vulnerability of this interconnectedness, at Alalaho we try to think as much about how we can be good ancestors as we do about being good facilitators. We want to stand in service to people and the world as an integrated whole.
The way we live together on the retreats is, step by step, aspiring towards a lifestyle consistent with a hopeful future for our descendants. We source vegan, local, organic and seasonal produce as much as possible, and factor in the ethics of how the things we buy are made (cushions, blankets, eye masks, etc.). We prioritise low-carbon travel.
We want to stand in service to people and the world as an integrated whole.
These are just some steps on the long journey toward developing a harmonious relationship with nature. We are always open to feedback about how we can continue reducing any negative impact our work may have on our environment. At the same time, we hope that through the experience of our retreats, our participants may be inspired to take their own steps towards tending to their interconnectedness with the larger web of life.
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