Diversity & Inclusion

‘Welcoming’ is a core value underpinning our organisation and work. We aim to create spaces that feel safe and welcoming for all, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability. As an organisation this informs our strategy, recruitment practices, marketing processes and how we hold spaces.
We aim for diversity in terms of our composition as a team, valuing the richness that comes from different experiences and perspectives. In our polarised times we believe it is especially important to create spaces that feel safe to explore our differences and to find common ground even when grappling with different ways of being and doing.

Our leadership and team is not as diverse as we would like it to be, and we aim to increase the range of representation. We are in an ongoing learning journey, aware that we won’t get things right, and welcoming feedback on how we can improve. We are in the process of recruiting a consultant to work with us on an ongoing basis to guide and challenge us.


Because of the nature of our work, our retreats are not accessible to all and not able to cater to all needs. As an organisation we are committed to better understand the barriers to participation that may exist for particular people and address these as they come up. We are aware that many disabilities are invisible and we may need to be made aware of them. In terms of physical ability, at our current venue we have a staircase that leads to the ceremony room, unfortunately making it impossible for wheelchair users to participate. In future we aim to have a fully accessible facility. For other specific needs, it is best to contact our admin coordinator to assess whether we can accommodate you. We may be able to arrange a private retreat at a different venue to cater to your needs.
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