Waning Gibbous
Winter (Northern Hemisphere)
Eleven days to Imbolc
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Alalaho offers a holistic psycho-spiritual approach to personal and societal development which integrates the safe and legal use of psychedelics and other peak states. We place equal emphasis on preparation, peak experiences and integration, but more than that we seek to share a way of life, the weaving of the insights and wisdom gained from inner work into an attitude with which to meet the many facets of this human journey.

Our purpose is to foster a culture of deep listening and empowerment, where we open up to the wisdom and infinite potential at the core of our being, and feel free to express our unique gifts.  We do so by creating spaces for people to come into honest contact with themselves and each other, and to cultivate their relationship with the natural world and the mysteries of life.

Our mission is to support individuals to take full responsibility for their lives, and thereby be able to live lives of more meaning and beauty.


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